Truth is not from this world. So by the moment you think it, every sentence will be both right and wrong.
Perfection is not from this world. So by the moment you hear it, the perfect song won´t be perfect anymore.
But we are both strongest and weakest when we try the impossible. It´s the awareness of forlornness which leads to happiness.
Thinking the right sentence. Writing the perfect song.
On the new Album from The Guests you will hear eleven of them, eleven perfect pop songs, not in the Britney sense but in the Beatles sense.
The album is called "Show Your Weakness" and it´s full of beautiful melodies, surprising harmonic progresses and bodyshaking rhythm patterns.
It combines distorted sawtooth synthesizers with rock show, emotional schmachtballads with punk rock, drill with string quartett.
And in the end, all those perfect songs, standing side by side, form one whole album. In the end, all those antipodes merge and form one idea.
There can´t be a thing without its opposite, no truth without doubt, no perfection without stain. You don´t need to be strong to be weak, but you need to be strong to show it.
And it´s Showtime!

The Guests are
Stefan     Janosch       Christoph        Johannes